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 These All May seem VERY Obvious but many forget to take care of themselves before the interview.

Try You Best

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Arrive to the Embassy City 2-3 Days Before the Interview


Be 100% Prepared Before You Leave Home

Practice in front of a Mirror or Take a Video of your Answers

You can see what you look like.


Practice at Least 5 Times a Day

Plan a Daily Schedule with Set Times to Practice

 Think About Why You Love Your Home Country. 


You Must be Convincing You Will Return Home.


Eat Healthy or Foods You Love or

Local Special Foods


Get Enough Sleep

Don't Party Too Much

Organize Your Documents so You Know Exactly

How to Find Things Quickly

Dress Like a Student. 

This is an interview to study, not a fashion show!

Arrive at the Embassy Early,

Make Sure Your Travel is not Stressful

Practice So Many Times That You Can Answer Easily  and

Smile and Be Relaxed


Think Positive 

Believe in Yourself 

Look at the Visa Officer and Smile

Be Confident

When you meet the Visa Officer be confident and

focused on your goal of studying in the USA.  

Don't act nervous or cross your arms or move around in your chair.  Put your hands on your legs and breathe deep.

Too often students fail to get their F1 Visa for reasons that could have been avoided. 

It is important to pass the interview the first time because it is easier. 

Your Visa Officer has interviewed thousands and thousands of F1 Visa Applicants.  

They have heard everything too many times. 

They know what is true and not true.

Congratulations! You have been accepted to a school or university in the USA.  Now it is time to go for your interview.  This can be difficult.

You must remember, it is easy to get accepted to a school and get an F1 Visa.  Passing the F1 Interview is another thing all together.  They assume you want to stay there.

Acceptance by the school and getting an I-20 is equal parts business, government, and education.  The F1 Visa Interview is all Government and driven by rules and regulations from Homeland Security of the USA.

If you are a good student, have money to pay for living and studying in the USA, and have reasons to return home after studying, it is easy to get an F1 Visa.

Do you think you can fool the Visa Officer?

Who do you listen to  about the Interview?

Do you want to live in the USA Forever?

We Evaluate F1 Students, Teach Them How to Answer, and Help Them Practice Interviewing.  We Also are Experts at Helping You Say What You Want and Passing the F1 Interview at the USA Embassy.

F1 Interview Help: Change Your Life

The Best Decision You Can Make 

f1 interview day video thumbnail

Speak English Today . Org will is the place to find F1 Visa Information Videos, Students Visa Online Courses, F1 Visa Interview Evaluations, and Authoritative Research on the F1 Visa Process. We help students throughout the world. Our students are prepared when they go to the interview and get F1 visas.  We know what works and what causes F1 Applicants to Fail. 

Too often students fail to get their F1 Visa for reasons that could have been avoided.  It is important to pass the interview the first time because it is easier. 

Study Abroad Services, friends and some things you will hear and read about online are not accurate and not good advice to follow.

Students must always be prepared, understand the F1 Visa Interview Process, NEVER lie, and be able to tell the Visa Officer exactly what you will study, why your chose your school, how you will pay, your parents jobs, and exactly why you will return home after studying.

All of the information regarding F1 Visa from Speak English Today.. Org is from real students who have passed or failed the interview and USA Government Official Information.  It's not what we think or rumors we hear.  It's real information from real students and official information from the USA Government Websites.

Very Important to understand is that the USA Government has issued millions of F1 Visas and currently has almost a million F1 Students.   They keep records and understand which students are successful and which "type" of students "disappears" into the United States and are not really students.  

This means that while this is your first F1 Visa Interview and Student Visa Application, the USA has studied millions and millions or students like you. 

Your Visa Officer has interviewed thousands and thousands of F1 Visa Applicants.   They have heard everything too many times.  They know what is true and not true.

YOU can not fool them, trick them, or lie.

Our F1 Visa Interview Videos are full of  great information, colorful and easy to understand.   Our Free F1 Visa Information will help you to understand the  Student Visa Process and how you can show that you are a good candidate to get a student visa.

Unfortunately, too many students find us after they fail the F1 Interview and receive a 214(b) Rejection.  If you are scheduled for an interview please watch our videos and read about the information.  If you know someone who wants to Study in the USA please tell about us.  

We have a great F1 Visa Evaluation mini course that is packed with information, will identify any big mistakes in your application package, give you an online F1 Visa practice interview and tell you if we think you can pass and get your F1 Visa.  Although we are not Visa Officers, we have experience and are almost always correct in our predictions of who will pass the F1 Interview and who will receive a 214(b) Rejection.

We wish you good luck in your interview and studying in the USA.  Although you will miss your family, food, and friends in your home country, you will love the USA and the Educational System in America. 

Now Let's Learn Some Important things About Interview Day.

Later we will learn about documents and how to organize them.

Our Students

Get Visas!

The 1st Time

Passed F1 Interview

If you study and prepare for the F1 Interview with Speak English Today's F1 Visa Program your chances of success are good.  If your a good student with high marks, your family has money to finance your education in the USA, the interview will be easy and you will pass. 

If you do not meet the qualifications above you really need to take this course because there is a

good chance you will get a 214(b) Rejection.

 There are about 1,000,000 F1 Students in the USA now. (maybe more when you read this).  Over 9,000 schools and universities wanting you to study there.

There is no limit on the amount of F1 Visas Issued.

Don't be afraid of the F1 Process.

Be Prepared and Understand what you must do. The F1 Visa Interview is to ensure you are a serious student and not a dangerous person.


Your F1 Visa Interview Day:  Here is a Great Video Explaining Exactly How You Should Prepare the Days Before Your Embassy Interview to Study Abroad in the USA.

We offer the BEST F1 Visa Interview Preparation C0urse.  There is also an F1 Visa Interview Evaluation which will tell you your chances of passing and getting your F1 Visa.  It also will identify problems you need to correct and an incredible amount of resources to help you be successful.

Links to F1 Visa Help Videos

These are the best free resource for accurate information relating to all aspects the F1 Visa Process.

Updated Weekly

Interview Day

Interview Day is a very important day in your life. 

You must pass the F1 Interview if you want to study. 

We can help you to know if you will pass and to prepare. Evaluations take from 1-4 days.

Great Video Explaining Everything to do Interview Day

214(b) Rejection

This is a form letter the Visa Officer will give you if they do not think you are a real students with intentions of returning home after studying in the USA.

  The F1 Visa Officer usually will not give you a specific reason for failing.

Visa Refusal 214(b) Informaon

Our Services

Using grants from  Universities and Study Abroad Services throughout the world we are  creating the authoritative resource for F1 Visa Information.

We also counsel and advise many students, universities, and study abroad services.

See What We Can do to Help You

Why Do Students Fail

Not Prepared


Nervous or Poor English

Can not prove "Strong Ties"

Insufficient Funds or Proof

Not Enough Documents

Don't Understand the F1 Visa Interview

More Reasons for Failure

Strong Ties to your Home Country

Os moles pendebat. Sidera fuerat. Ulla solum homo dei. Phoebe nec temperiem gravitate diffundi unus perpetuum media.

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Proof you can Pay and Have Financial Documents

Os moles pendebat. Sidera fuerat. Ulla solum homo dei. Phoebe nec temperiem gravitate diffundi unus perpetuum media.

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Facts About Changing Majors

Os moles pendebat. Sidera fuerat. Ulla solum homo dei. Phoebe nec temperiem gravitate diffundi unus perpetuum media.

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Secrets to Getting Your F1 Student Visa

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Hello, Welcome to Speak English Today Videos. Today we are talking about The F1 Interview and how you can prepare the days before.  My name is Kevin.  I’ve helped students all over the world with F1 visas, especially the interview.  This video is about something easy and obvious, but often forgotten.

What to do the days before your interview.  Although the interview will only last 2-3, or 4 minutes, the outcome will determine if you can study in the USA, or get a 214(b) Rejection.  You must be your best.

Too many students go to the interview tired from travel, stressed about being ready, and worried if they will do well and remember everything.  Hopefully this video explains the right way to approach the interview and what to do the days before.

You’ll be nervous.  Everyone is nervous.  It’s an important day.  But in addition to being nervous, you should be ready to pass the interview.  You should be excited.  You better be prepared to answer, and have all your documents in order.  Go and do well!   Believe in yourself. Be prepared.  Don’t even think about lying or fooling the Visa Officer.

The days before your interview are very important.

  1. Arrive in the embassy city 2-3 days before your interview.
  2. Be 100% prepared before you leave your city. This will set a time for you to aim for to be prepared.
  3. Plan a daily schedule and include practice times.
  4. Think about everything you love in your home country.
  5. Plan to practice 5 times a day. Practice in front of a mirror or take a video of yourself.
  6. Eat and sleep healthy.

Some of my students think this will cost too much money.  Believe me, being prepared and ready is money well spent.  If you fail the interview you have to pay again, there are no refunds.  You’ll also have travel expenses lost work days and many other expenses.  A 214 b Rejection is much more expensive.

Make sure you arrive at the interview early.  If you’re very early take a walk around.  Don’t arrive late getting stuck in traffic.  This is your big day, try and reduce stress and be relaxed.

The days before the F1 Visa Interview, eat well, sleep well, and take walks.  Go around the city, eat some local food, and try and have some fun.   And remember to practice at least 5 times a day in front of a mirror or taking a video of yourself.  Practice getting out the different documents and knowing how to find them fast.

Do your best.  Know what you are going to say.  Practice until it is very easy. Look good but not so fancy.  It is a student interview not a fashion show.  Be comfortable and look like a student.  Think Positive.  Be confident and respectful.

Remember  214(b) rejections usually happen for 2 reasons.  You have not proven you have enough money to pay for your schooling.  Or, the Visa Officer thinks you are not a real student.  If you lie your sure to fail.    Talk about your plans in clear, easy to understand and believable way.    Don’t practice a speech someone told you to say.  This rarely works.  Don’t tell a crazy story about your money like my aunts uncles neighbors girlfriends best friend will sponser me.  They know this isn’t going to happen.

By law, the Visa officer has to think you’re not going to return to your home country and you have to convince them that you will.  This is difficult when you do not want to return home which is most people.  You must have good answers for this.  They must be your answers. 

Most people can’t lie. The Visa official is an expert at knowing when students are lying. This is important.

Many students try and memorize answers.  Only memorize your answers for your situation.  Know your story and practice what you want to say.

Here are some things people do when they lie.  There are too many to fit on this video window.

Know what you will do after you study.  This is an answer for your life and family.  After you study you can work for a while in the OPT program, but then you must return home.  You must convince them. 

Go to the interview rested and in a good frame of mind.  Be in good physical shape.  Be prepared.

If you confused about anything in the video, you may want to take our F1 Visa Evaluation Course to see if you can pass, or take our great F1 Visa Preparation Course.  It is simple, clear, easy and effective.  It takes 2-4 weeks to take this course, although it can be done quicker.  When you finish the course, you will know you learned something important and are ready to take the interview.

If you practice and have good answers! I hope you can pass the interview.  Look at yourself in the mirror or take a video.  See how you look when you answer.  Do you look co9nfident and honest?

For your very short but important interview have your paperwork in order.  Know exactly about the important questions that will impress the Visa officer.  Think about how great it will be to study in the USA,   Think “I’m going to get a great education” 

If you need help please let us know.  We can evaluate you to see if you can pass.  You can enroll in our really great F1 Interview Course.  During this short course we will get to know you and help you create good answers for you.  There is lot’s of personal coaching.  Our students pass the interview.

There will be email communication, surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, Skype lessons, mock interviews, private FaceBook Group,…..everything you need to pass the F1 Visa Interview. Watch our other free Videos, visit our blog, and contact us if you have questions or problems.

F1 Visa@speakenglishtoday.org.

f1 visa is part preparation

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

Let us help you get your F1 Visa

set English goals and learn quickly


  1. Speak English Today on March 4, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    Let me know if you have any questions about the Interview. I am happy to help you!

  2. Kumar Dhungana on December 16, 2016 at 11:40 pm

    i want to have a mock interview please provide me skype id.

  3. prakash on December 21, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    how to improve English speaking please help me to improve english?

    • Speak English Today on January 18, 2017 at 9:55 am

      Dear Prakash: That is a big question to answer without knowing your goals, current English level and how you want to learn. Please email me at info@speakenglishtoday.org to discuss this in more detail. Good Luck1

  4. muhamed on February 17, 2017 at 2:41 am

    Hello I,m from tunisia and I,m planning to study nursing in los angelos but i dont have documents for strong ties even that i will come back home after studies. Can you help me on it? And on preparing for the interview?

    • Speak English Today on February 18, 2017 at 7:16 am

      Hi Muhamed, Thanks for writing. How old are you? If yur just out of school, most do not have a lot of assets yet. How about your family? Have they got assets? Please contact me at info@speakenglishtoday.org for more help. Some helpful links can be found on the website regarding mockinterviws, f1 visa courses, and videos. I will try and establish other strong ties that will help you return.

  5. Elizabeth on October 2, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Am from Ghana but been in Italy now for a year,I was told I had not strong ties to my country despite providing my bank statement showing am well off for my four years schooling in the USA.please help

  6. Elizabeth on October 2, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    I had not strong ties to my country but I provided my bank statement and everything to the embassy, though in residing in Italy now but prefer to return back to my country Ghana after school in USA, the consular in Italy advised me to apply in my home country Ghana, please what do I do

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