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We know for sure many ways to fail 100%.  Yet so many students do the same thing that leads to a 214(b) rejection.  

Be Smarter from the Beginning

  • regarding how you plan  
  • who you listen to for advice  
  • your strategy and thinking

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Let us help you choose the RIGHT school for you ability and goals.

Who To Believe  

  • The F1 Visa Rules and Law
  • People who have succeeded in the past.  
  • Expert Advice that has been successful.


How to make myself look like a great student when I am not?

 This is where a lot of the failures and problems originate.  

The belief that students can Convince the Visa officer or Trick them.

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Developed countries require high quality educated workers.  Developing countries do not offer the high paying jobs and high standards of living.  

This causes a flow of high performing students applying to study and later work in countries like the United States.  

Although this is a problem for developing countries, it is also an unfortunate outcome of the policies that limit opportunities over decades.


Sgraphic reasons fro brain drain

Developing countries in the world today have a large number of students wanting to leave. 

 Making the problem more confusing is that many families use the F1 Visa for their children as their foot in the door to becoming a citizens of America.

F1 Visa Interview: Qualifications, Changes, Questions, Failure, Rejected

Only you can show the Visa Officer that this is the chance of your lifetime.  Only you can be convincing, show your English skills are high enough, and that you will work hard.

F1 Visa Interview: Qualifications, Changes, Questions, Failure, Rejected

Successful students have gotten good marks for their entire student lives.  They have improved.  

This shows over time that the student a good student.

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Students with low marks tend to apply to open enrollment schools that accept everyone however not many get F1 Visas

F1 Visa Interview: Qualifications, Changes, Questions, Failure, Rejected

When there are so many high quality schools to choose from, most students applying through services and advice from friends apply to open enrollment schools where few actually get visas.

Our Students

Get F1 Visas

Do you want to study in the USA?  

Pronunciation Tips Speak Louder

Your English Ability will make a difference in your F1 Visa Interview.

 We can help!

How you communicate during your interview is more important than you may realize.

Is your listening good enough to understand

Most Don't


 Don't Believe  

You Must Know

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Do it the

Right Way

Are you a student who gets a visa or a 214(b) rejection infographic

Application rates are at the highest point ever in history, while rejection rates are also the highest.  

The USA, I believe, wants to give you an F1 Visa however most do something very wrong.  

This has to be done properly.  Has to be done the right way according to the Visa Official, not hearsay or something you read and repeat from the internet.  

Every day I receive questions from people who fail the interview and find us to get answers.  

Within one email i can see why they fail.  Some can never pass with the way they applied and got an I-20.

esl how much does it cost

Don't waste money and time.  This is your big chance.

Learn How to Be Your Best

Don't Guess: Know

be confident

Be prepared for F1 Visa Interview Infographic
esl fear

Most are scared to death of the interview.  

It is so important.

Such an important decision should be researched and done the best way possible.   We offer the Best Way!

ESL Students Will Help Learn English

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