Practice with F1 Visa Interview

Strong Ties Questions and Answers are becoming more and more important. 

These are some of the more confusing questions.

Strong Ties Questions are asked many different ways. 

Often is what you don't say that works better. 

We will practice your "tell signs"  =

what the Visa Officer sees when they ask you

about returning home.

What will you do after you graduate?   

What Job  do you have waiting at home?

I think you will work in America. 

What jobs do your family in America have?

The Visa Officers now more than ever must make sure you have a plan to return home.

Many students go to the interview saying they will return home to get a good job. 

Often this is not true.  This can be your best answer or cause failure.

It only works when your study history, major, dream job in your home country and possibility all line up.

What to answer for Strong Ties Questions?


When you go to your F1 Visa Interview,

I will help you create a good answer for Strong Ties Questions no matter your age or situation.

  I  will:

Help you understand about the Strong Ties.


Help you discover your Strong Ties.


Help you express your love and desire to return home.


Teach you information about Strong Ties.

Write a good answer for you to practice. Help you practice in the



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