Practice with F1 Visa Interview

Money is not important....until it is very important!   

Finance Questions Can Trick You Fast! 

Is the Question About Finance or Strong Ties?

You should have enough money for the first year and good answers.

The Visa Officers know a lot about the average earning wages for different jobs in your country. They know the habits for saving and buying land.

Many students go to the interview with "fake money" or crazy finances.

When you go to your F1 Visa Interview,

I will help you create a good answer for how you pay for your education and living in the USA.

I  will help you understand about finances, savings, income, and documentation.

Help you know about what causes Visa Officers to ask more questions.

Explain why people who are not your parents in the USA need to submit forms to sponsor you.

Write a good answer for you to practice. Help you practice in the

Money Questions Mock Interview Practice


If you you want to have a good answer that is your answer,

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F1 Visa Finances Practice and Advice