Practice with F1 Visa Interview

If you want to talk about your school, I will help you.

Over 7,500 schools in the USA are certified by SEVIS to accept International Students. 

The Visa Officers know a lot about the differences between schools. 

Many students go to the interview and do not know about their school because they did not choose it.

When you go to your F1 Visa Interview,

I will help you create a good answer for school choice questions. 

If you have not yet applied.   I  will:

Help you understand about the differences. 

Help you know about the school you want to go to.

Try to find why it is a great choice for you.

Teach you information about the location and town.

Write a good answer for you to practice. Help you practice in the

Mock Interview.


If you you want to have a good answer that is your answer,

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F1 Visa Mock Interview Practice and Advice