If you are reading this because you have received a 214(b) Rejection

I am sorry to hear that. 

YOU are not alone.

Many fail to get their F1 Visa. 

The USA Embassy does not release data of how many apply and how many pass.   

Anyone who has waited outside an Embassy can see many more get 214(b) Rejections than come out happy wiht visas.

214b rejection i will help you to understand why
214b do you want to know how to pass yes approved visa

Do you want to know what to do after you get a  214(b) Rejection?  I can help you understand what went wrong.

I must be very honest with you. 

Most people contact me and say the Visa officer didn't know the law.  They do know the law.  They hear students all day. 

They say:

The Embassy doesn't understand my case, it is complicated. 

To be honest, you must change, not the Embassy or Visa Officer. 

They are following the law. 

    Is it 100% objective?  USUALLY         You must change.

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214b fatal error do you know why.

Do you want to know why you got a 214{b} Rejection?  It is because the Embassy Official (Visa Officer or VO) thought you were an immigrant or had other problems that made it unlikely you would be a real student.

    Keep Reading to Find Your Fatal Errors

214b fatal error paperwork

Many (too many) fail at the interview because there is a problem with their paperwork and the process they used. 

Bad choice of schools, poor student history, and not enough finances are common problems. 

Services range from very professional (I know many) to very bad where most of their students fail. 

Students think getting accepted to a school is difficult.  Getting an I-20 after the school gets approval from SEVIS is not difficult at all.  Getting an interview after filing a DS-160 s not difficult. 

All of the above require filing forms.  None make any judgment on whether you get a visa until the interview.

214b fatal error you answers f1 visa interview

Fatal Errors when answering questions is very common.  Too often these fatal errors are practiced and taught. Very unfortunate for those who think they are prepared and then are told they are not going to get a visa. 

Examples of fatal errors are lying, what you say does not match the paperwork you submitted, or what you are saying is not believable. 

The Visa Officers know a story they do not like when they hear it. 

The mistake is that the story is supposed to inform them that you are a good student and like other good students. 

Most stories I hear are long (you won't have time to tell it) and try to explain why you are different and acceptable.

214b fatal error appearance f visa interview

When I meet students online for the "Mock Interview" or "Practice Interview" I always ask that they dress and act exactly like they will at their real interview. 

Although appearance should not matter it can.  Too much cologne or perfume.  Too casual and not respectful.  Too flashy or sexy.  These things should nto matter but can depending on the Visa Officer. 

 Some of my students wear their school uniforms which although I think is funny, seems to be effective. 

For sure, you are applying to be a student.  You should look like a student.  

214b fatal error english skills

Many study abroad services send me students who do not have enough English Skills to understand the questions. 

I train them to anticipate the questions using keywords and guessing. 

Problems arise when students do not have enough English Skills, are very nervous, and make the interview uncomfortable. 

The purpose of the interview in my opinion is for the Visa officer to meet you and judge if you will succeed and are a real student.

Realistically they already have all your paperwork and probably know more about the case than you do. They know more about the school.  Everything.

Make no mistake, it is about you and how you communicate with the Visa Officer.

214 b fatal error what will you do different at the f1 visa ingterview


After receiving a 214(b) Rejection at the first interview, students most often schedule a 2nd and 3rd and 4th interview.    Although this can be effective for a few people, it usually doesn't work. 

The reason to try and pass the frist time is that during the first interview you are showing them you are a real student and deserve a visa. 

The 2nd interview you must do this of course but the Visa Officer will focus on any mistake made by the Visa Officer in the 1st interview, any additional paperwork  to prove your point, or a change of conditions.   

The question is "What will you do differently in the 2nd interview".   

We have noticed differences (more visas) in success for 2nd interviews in some countries depending on the location and Visa Officers.  The most official amount I have heard is that there is a 16% success rate but even that I can not substantiate with facts for the government.  In other countries I know it is much less. 

214b rejection i will help you to understand why

I will help you understand why. 

You can improve your performance. 

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