Speak English Today presents two helpful courses to prepare for the F1 Visa Interview.  The First is a "Mock" Interview which will identify problems and give you advice on how to improve.   The complete F1 Visa Course methodically fixes and explains every part of your answers to help you prepare the best.

Compare F1 Visa

Evaluation and F1 Visa Course

F1 Visa Evaluation

$69 course
  • 1-3 days
  • Self Study and Information
  • Questions
  • Survey
  • 11 Module Course
  • Email with Suggestions
  • Mock Interview Skype
  • Email Evlauation
  • This course contains valuable information that is self study and a mock interview to help you understand what you need to improve.

F1 Visa Course

  • 1 - 3 weeks
  • F1 Visa Evaluation Course
  • Detailed Corrections to Questions
  • Skype Lesson Practicing Questions
  • Detailed Corrections to Survey
  • Skype Lesson Practicing Survey
  • Email About Mock Interview
  • Mock Interview and corrections
  • Detailed Suggestions and Corrections