Reasons for 214(b) Rejections.

  • The application and or paperwork.
  • Applicant profile is more immigrant than student.
  • Choice of schools.
  • The Visa Officer didn't beleive you.
  • Funny money finances stories. 
  • Finances and Fees shown on I-20 are not normal.
  • Poor English skills. 
  • Your confidence. or lack of, or attitude, or appearance.

Often there is more than one reason.

What should you do now?  

  • Go for a second interview.
  • Start a new application.
  • Make the same mistakes again. 


Obviously repeating mistakes is not a good option but I see that happen a lot. 

This will prevent you from doing that because you will know them and understand. 

Go for a second interview?:  This is very confusing and interesting. In some countries it is effective while in others almost impossible. That is why I ask for the country. 

It makes a difference what your country is and your major and your school.

If you decide to try for a second interview, I can help you improve performance and avoid fatal errors in your performance. 

Paperwork can not change except additional financial support documents or additional papers you want to brgin and hope to show.

Starting over is often the best option but you should find out the problems this interview, and understand about problems with paperwork and your application.  You should pick a good school and make sure it matches you and your stated goals.

214(b) Rejection Analysis will be invaluable to you in starting again.  if you do decide to start again I can help you find schools and majors that have more chance. 

This information can help you prepare next time.

Would You Like Help?

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