Wouldn't you like to study abroad and be able to get an F1 Visa to the USA?  Are you worried or having problems accomplishing this goal?

 I'll tell you how we help students get F1 Visas and study abroad.  

 You will also get really special and uncommon advice about answering some key questions during the interview.

 Visa Officers only ask a few questions.  The interview lasts just a few minutes.  

The Visa Officer is very good at understanding your situation, the school, living conditions and everything and ask you about your weak spot.

 I'll help you find and fix your weak spot.  

Often it is obvious to me but unknown to new visa applicants.

 I want to work with you to make your dream come true.

  •  Fix your weak spot.
  •  Be Prepared.
  •  Get a Visa
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I-20 Forms VERY EASY  Interview can be difficult.

I-20 and Visa are not the same thing

I really like helping people to study abroad, score high on IELTS, and pass interviews.

I help students




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The biggest problem students I meet tell me about is  fear of not knowing the rules or what will happen.

I know you are worried:

 214(b) Rejections are


Student Visa and USA Flag

There are now over 9000 schools in the USA with permission to have International Students.  Most students apply to about 10% of the schools.

It is Possible:  

You Can Do It

Underrstand F1 Visa Be Prepared

It isn't really secrets: It is understanding the process and experience which shows the best ways.

We Inform You  

Tell You The "Secrets"

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My students are confident when they go to interviews because they are doing things the best way and understand.  And they have practiced a lot!

You Get the Facts 

Information and Confidence

Understand your I20

Students are confident and prepared.  They know they have to be perfect for 2 minutes.

Students who use our

information often get

F1 Visas

What the Embassy wants to know

 I invite you to become strong and confident.  To do things the best way.  To get a visa and pass the interview.

I'd like to invite you to join me in helping you achieve your goal.

Free F1 Visa Questions Answer Sheet

The Most Common Questions Asked at the F1 Interview.

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 I have a simple but very effective free gift for you.

 It a sheet of questions that are most common.  I also give you the way to answer.

 Just enter your name and email and I will send it to you in a minute or two.

Get Started with a

Free F1 Question

Cheat Sheet

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Do you understand your I-20 form?
Can you pay for school? How?
Gap Years can cause problems
Post studying plans?
Will you return home after studying?
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I want to invite you to contact me.  Once you fill out this form you can email me and I will send you some cool information about how you can improve.   We Never Spam and Never Share Your Information.

Let's Get Started

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