do's and don'ts in an interview

Things to say and not to say in your interview,

and how to form the best answers that are your answers and real.  

  • 2nd F1 Visa Interview

    If you already have had an interview and gotten a 214(b) rejection then you can start over or go for a 2nd interview.

    The second Interview is different.

    1. You must present new and important information.
    2. Or you must present a case that the Visa Officer made a mistake.

    It is not to improve your answers, however many try and a few succeed.

    Still, some pass the 2nd time especially in some countries.  We never can know for sure and must try our best.  Here are some things not to do and some to do to help you create your best answers.

  • Bad Answers: What Not to Say

    • USA has great education
    • Information that doesn't have names or data.
    • The school is one of the few that offers (unless it is true)
    • The school is aligned with what you want (say what you want, what the school offers)
    • This is the best choice for your future.
    • This will help me get a good job in my home country.
    • The school offers practical knowledge  (how does it do this)
    • Anything negative about your parents income
    • Anything not confirmed by your school applications and I-20
    • General information about America, schools, education, your school program (they want specifics that apply to you and your situation).

  • What the Visa Officer Does Not Want to Hear

    The Visa Officer is mandated by law to consider you a potential immigrant.

    • They may like you or not but they do their job. 
    • They verify you are are a real student and know what you are doing. 
    • They are busy and hear "stories" all day long. 
    • They do not need to be educated about how great America is....
    • I don't think any busy person likes their time wasted.

    Imagine of you ask your friend why exactly they like you and they answer:

    People from __________________country make great friends.

    As you know __________________people are very high quality.

    You want specifics and exact reasons.  right?

  • Don't Teach the Visa Officer

    Don't Teach the Visa Officer because:

    • They are USA Citizens
    • They graduated from USA Universities 
    • They have experience working for federal government
    • Have extensive training
    • Often study criminal justice
    • Know all about the schools
    • Know America and Cities
    • Know Majors
    • Know Jobs in Your Country and Salaries
  • Correct Answers that Get Visas

    Answers that get visas provide information about you and your choices and goals.  You should not try and educate them about USA education or your school. They already know everything.

    Your answers should be short and very focused an to the point and a out you.

  • You Have the Information

    You Have the Information The Visa Officer Wants and Needs

    • They want to know about you and your choices and history and future plans
    • If you need more than a few sentences then you are saying too much.
    • Clarity and Confidence are what matters the most.
  • Examples of Good and Bad Answers

    Question: What is your fathers job?

    Avoid words like used to be, businessman, retired.....

    Be specific, and be proud!

    You should use names such as company name, important customers, things that are real.

    Question:  What will you do after you study?

    Avoid saying you will return home and get a good job.

    Avoid saying there are great opportunities at home after you study.

    Do say "I will use my degree in electrical engineering to work at __________ in order to improve my countries transportation system."

    Do Say "I will take over the family business_________name, and improve its operations by digitizing the CRM system and automating sales communications.  This will help grow the business from _____ to ______ in ______ years.

    Don't tale about your "fiance".  

    Do say their name, how long you know them, your intentions about family and success together.  Make it personal so they know you are in love....not talking about someone without a name.