I know what I do now.

As I was designing this page and thinking what to add I realized what it is that I do.  It was a strange feeling because I work and teach and create content 16 hours a day.

That is "what" I do.

 Now I know what I do and why I do it.

We all have important times

that we need to speak.

Tests, Interviews, Speeches, Greeting People, Meeting Bosses..... when you have a problem travelling....

These short times, maybe even 2 minutes can shape our lives.

I help people learn how to communicate, especially during important conversations that have big effects on their lives.

 I am good at knowing how to make students confident.  I know how to teach students not to be afraid to talk and give them tricks and tools to help them overcome their shyness and inability to find the words to say.

How you speak during these events

can (will) determine your future.

INTONATION and using your voice to express how you feel is an amazing talent.  Everyone responds to this.

 This how our voice makes people feel.

 Focused and Detailed information are what people like. They appreciate a smile.

Are you a talker or looker?

Silence has been said to be very uncomfortable in social situations.

 Always having been a people person, good communicator, and educator/trainer I have always understood the power of language.

I have also noticed some people prefer to listen and watch rather than talk.

Hard Work and Satisfaction

 I thought I was a hard worker (am) but the thing that really makes me satisfied and content is seeing people become skilled at English to the extent they can can get promotions, study abroad, improve test scores, fall in love....English is a powerful tool in today's world.  

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Expertise: How do people become experts?  Through experience and seeing results of their teaching.

Experience: How do we know what is successful and what causes failure?  Trial and error and best guesses.  Using students experiences from interviews and understanding which parts of what they did were successful.

 Innovation:   We always must take what we know works and try and improve it by keeping the old things that are great.  It is important to keep up with the times and add modern methods to find success.

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IELTS Preparation

Our Specially designed IELTS program has helped students increase scores and become confident.  You will be surprised how easy and effective this method is to learn IELTS.

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Pronunciation has two big problems:  Sounds that are not made in your language and bad habits.  We teach you exactly how to make the sounds.  The bad habits are more difficult to fix, but we will teach you techniques and fun ways to fix bad pronunciation habits.


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I really want you to love English and have fun.

We will try and help you accomplish your English Goals, Studying Abroad, Interviewing Skills, Soft Skills, Confidence, F1 Visa Interview, IELTS, B.1.1 -4, C.1.1-4, TOEIC, TOEFL, and your special use of English.

I have been responsible for training while working in the USA for my entire career however it is only the last 12 years I've been focusing on English and ESL.  

During that journey I became sought after to teach IELTS because the techniques were very successful.  Many of my students were studying IELTS in order to study abroad and were asking me to help them.  This is when I became so interested in the F1 Visa Interview.

 The combination of teaching ESL especially speaking and writing with IELTS and F1 Visa Preparation proved to be a powerful combination.

 Along the way I was lucky enough to train a government emissary to speak to the international press.  He did great and I started to teach public speaking.  

At the university most of my classes involved preparation for the Cambridge B and C Exams.

 The seniors studied CV creation and job interview skills.  Since it;s a foreign language university, many jobs are available to students with great interview skills and resumes (CV's).

While still loving in the USA I studied web design at nights while working full time.

 I was fortunate to be chosen to study for free to become an ESL teacher and achieved 3 additional certificates for teaching English to Foreign Students, Business English, and Young Learners.  

I am still very active in live classroom teaching at universities, large government companies, the government, kids, teens, IELTS, and public school contracts.  Too busy and always learning to be a better teacher.  

I wish  I had more time to devote to my web brand "Speak English Today", or to teach the many students who make requests online.  Soon, someday, hopefully next year I will have more time available.

 In the meantime I am creating online self study courses at reasonable prices.  Every English or F1 Visa Course has email support and a private group for questions.  

Courses that will be live by 3/7/2017 will help students Improve Confidence, English Pronunciation, F1 Visa Preparation, Interview Skills, IELTS, and How to Talk to Foreigners.

 Integrating all of the technical aspects of what is required to produce high quality courses, a website, be active in social media is a challenge.  

Thank you for your interest in