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Hi! I'm Kevin Baratt: Founder and Developer of Speak English Today,,, and many biological websitess.  English used to be my "hobby", now it is my passion.  Soon I will be able to devote myself to this full time along with F1 Visa Interview Preparation for students who want to study in the USA, and Teaching ESL to students all over the world.  Not Yet!

I am currently working 2 full time jobs in South East Asia for a large Vietnamese Government Telecommunications and Training Company, along with working as  a Lecturer at the University of Foreign Languages.    Why am I working two jobs?   I love teaching!  i can help students change their lives.

I have always loved teaching although my formal teaching training came later in my career.  At every position I have ever held I was a top level manager and considered education and training one of my chief responsibilities.

I have worked in the Environmental Field, national Park System of the US Department of Interior, State and city Level management of Projects, Real Estate Development, and Manager for a NGO....I've had a great and interesting career.

Now I work  as an ESL Teacher, Coach, and Consultant. As a Web Developer specializing in F1 Visas and ESL  I must learn everything bootstrapping my way to building a powerful brand: Speak english Today.

We have branded the name Speak English Today online, you tube, all social networks, and at consultancies for F1 Visas.

I am a member of many worldwide teaching groups and organizations  teaching such as:

Business English Instructors

Teaching and Learning Relief for Teachers and Students

National Council of Teachers of English

English language and Literature

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On Linked In I have nominated many times for each of the following skills:


My goal at Speak English Today is to deliver true and good content that is well researched and presented in a way people can understand.  Our You Tube

 I am also very into graphics, infographics, pictures, charts, and all sorts of visual content.  Our You Tube Channel now has over 220,000 views and we are published 22 videos already.

 I like my website to be beautiful and informative with visual content in addition to text..  

However, in order to do that it takes an amazing amount of learning new platforms and processes, internet marketing, copy writing, application integrations, payment gateways, https, and so much seems endless.  It is interesting and definitely more fun when things "work".  

I hope to actually launch the program worldwide by late 2016.  Currently I am connecting the dots and getting everything ready.  

Are you interested in being [part of this team?  if so please contact me!  


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  1. Speak English Today on March 4, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    Thanks for visiting. If you would like to know anything else or how you can be involved with Speak English Today please leave a comment.

  2. Jodie Coombes on August 5, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    Dear Kevin,
    Sending you a separate email.
    Kind Regards

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